Ant Anstead using Vixen Aquablast®
for new TV shows in America!

Brayon Classic Engineering in Scotland uses Vixen Aquablast®

Watch our popular Aquablast® in action!

Edd China uses Vixen Aquablast in his YouTube show!

Vixen's Aqua Wheelblaster Customers

Rindt-Felgen In Germany Is Happy With His Vixen Wheel Repair Machinery

Dubia Auto Service Using Vixen's Wheel Lathe

Edd China Features Vixen Machines In New YouTube Show

DK Engineering Uses Vixen's Aquablast 915

A.W.R Wheel Refurbishment uses our wheel repair package

Vixen's 30th anniversary track event at Silverstone

Porsche specialists use our vapor blasting machine

Vixen's Smart Wheel Repair Equipment

Vixen's Smart Wheel Repair Process

Vixen's personalised Porsche GT3 makes appearance at Silverstone Circuits

Vixen Aqua WheelBlaster Official Advert

Aqua Wheelblaster - Mr Reifen

Vertical Wheel Lathe

Aqua Wheelblaster Video

Aquablast 915 - TT Automotive

Aqua Wheelblaster - Sytner BMW

Vixen Wheel Lathe & Aquablast - Autoclenz

Vixen Wheel Lathe - Total Wheel Solutions

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