Professional Wheel Balancer

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Professional Wheel Balancer

Vixen's range of electronic wheel balancers are extremely easy to operate, featuring laser pointers and automatic programmes.

These machines can achieve maximum precision using automatic measurements of the rim distance and diameter. Featuring ALUS and PAX programmes with a 6 second cycle time, this machine can save an incredible amount time within a workshop.

The Vixen Wheel Balancer's also include automatic inputs which guide the operator along the wheel balancing process, making these machines extremely user friendly for all operators. 

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Roger Clark Motorsport
The aftersales and service experience has been great and we purchase all of our media and spares through Vixen. Overall it has turned out to be a great investment.
  • 10”-26” Rim Diameter
  • Automatic Distance and Rim Diameter Measurements
  • Quick Balance Programme
  • 1.5”-22” rim width
  • ALU S and PAX Programmes
  • LED Lighting
  • Laser point
  • Read out accuracy 1-gram
  • Rim/Tyre Optimisation
  • Auto Wheel Stop
  • Single Phase
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